Blob - The Runner 3D

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Is it true that you are prepared for a very fun run race? Mass will be your #1 sprinter, everything being equal! Your objective is simple - Watch out for the snags, push them off and gather all jams to turn into a GIANT mass! On the off chance that you can't escape from the dangerous obstructions and lose an appendage, or a couple, don't stress! Our well disposed jam can proceed with the running for you, no surge, simply conflict all jam particles and shape your Blob without any preparation! Keep in mind, the value pool toward the end will be controlled by your capacity to get your Blob greater. Get greater, more grounded and super jam to gather extraordinary prizes! We may likewise have a few shocks as you slide on the rooftop :) Wait! Did we make reference to you can likewise make over your Blob with very cool caps and a lot of shading coordinating with skins?! Join this epic race and show your remarkable style by redoing your Blob Runner :)

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