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Bikers Slang

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Bring back your Childhood memories with this 90's Style Biker Slang Game

Biker Slang is the game we used to play in childhool where we start riding by our self through controls. This game is some serious addiction, The game graphics reminds you the 90's style moto racing or motorcycle fight video game that we used to play in childhood. The game is based on advance technology for excellent performance and highspeed experience.

Select the bike you want to ride.

Hit the other bikers by striking.

The bike speed increases by using boasts so you can catch other bikers.

You can do stunts cutting and drifting with bike.


This Moto game is free to play, offline support is enabled in this motorcycle racing game and we have above 70 biker levels. You can switch the color of the bike. The major purpose of this moto motorcycle racing game is riding and Enjoying the 3d ride of the bike. You can hit other bikers with some built-in feature.

How to play:

The only thing you need to do is select the bike and level, then go for ride. For the next level of the game you must need complete the first level. Use the bike and move as fast as you can, avoid being hit and try to hit other players to complete the level.



Ride the bike and complete the level and get more bikes on the store of the game.


Simple controls that don’t need a video tutorial or Images and learning material.

Achievements on complete and get awarded.

3D motorcycle Game and amazing graphics.

Skills can be enhanced by playing, with the passage of time.

Ready to play no need to highly graphic phone.

Here you go let’s enjoy cheers




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