Archer vs Zombies Among As

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Bowman versus Zombie Among As — an astonishing game in the style of "Pinnacle Defense", in which you will shield the palace from the intrusion of impostors zombies Among As. To begin playing, click on the bolt in the middle. Crowds of outsider zombies have shown up on Earth. Expert your bows and arrows abilities to execute all the Among As and their UFOs. The zombies Among As should be hit a few times to kill. The level is given 3 bits of extra weapons: bombs and consuming bolts. They are shown in the upper-left corner. Tap on the symbol to utilize it. Additionally, between the rounds of the game, you can purchase bombs, the speed of shots for the cash procured in the fights. This will make it simpler to battle the zombies.

* This application is diversion and doesn't guarantee copyright in any capacity. All rights to the item Among Us have a place with the engineer Innersloth.

Touch or mouse control


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