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Anime Couples Dress Up-new

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a brand new doll styling app in which you select hairstyles, facial features, make-up, garb and add-ons for a jap young chick and a guy on their romantic go-out. Rummage thru the large wardrobes of both comedian characters and try out dozens of fashionable clothes: dresses, pants, shorts, tops, skirts and greater. explore alternatives and design all types of clothing. E.g. supply the pair an wise, geeky look with glasses and formal suits or jackets. Or pass for the cool famous photograph. pass glam / classy for a promenade queen outfit, and maybe make the fellow look like a quarterback of the university baseball group. Be the style-, hairstyle- and appears-fashion designer for the young fans. Fill first date with romance and happiness, and the female could write a adorable love poem in her romantic diary about her crush this night.