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Animal Puzzle

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Welcome to our exciting jigsaw puzzle game where you have the opportunity to create a variety of animals by putting them together from pieces! This game is perfect for anyone who loves puzzles and animals.

Game Features:

Simple start: The game starts with levels where you need to make an animal out of a small number of pieces. This will help you get used to the gameplay and develop basic puzzle skills.

Increasing difficulty: With each new level, the number of pieces increases, which makes the game more exciting and challenging. You will have to put in more effort and logic to put the animal together completely.

24 levels: The game has 24 levels in total. Each level presents a new animal and a new challenge. You will be able to see your skills grow as you go from easy to difficult levels.

A variety of animals: The game features many different animals, from the most famous to the exotic. This will allow you to learn more about the animal world and have fun.

The game will help you: Develop logical thinking and spatial imagination. Improve visual memory and concentration. Enjoy the process of putting together puzzles.




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