FORCEPARKBOIS, asiatic.wav – PSP (Formal Audio Movie)

FORCEPARKBOIS, asiatic.wav – PSP [Official music Video]

Hear to PSP here:

Producer – Fuegonep
Co-Producer – Aali.3gp
Mixing – Aali.3gp
Master – Rules

Lirik Lagu:
Walk inside of the club macam aku budak lit
Make a way for the boys yeah here for this shit
Occur and knock door kalau kau boleh lit
Undi occasion sampai pagi kalau kau budak lit.

Budak lit x5

Undi party sampai pagi kalau kau budak lit
I have been ridin with my homies
rockstarshit we do it everyday
it doesnt make a difference u dont know me
knees down she stilll wanna blow me
it went like occasion sampai pagi
all the boys be poppin rarri
guy it gettin lit in here budak JB tak tidur lagi
its gettin late now
ramai tak dapat abide by rapat
we cruisin on this boat semua datang tangkap muat
we on your wishlish tell your woman she simply cannot rest this
u know we bash really hard your favorite rapper however are not able to conquer this

Eh budak lit, takleh gang make sure you jangan fit,
Tak identify why kau nak hit,
Takyah get in touch with cuz I’m on sum shit,
Eh takyah textual content just google meet up with,
Tolong undi occasion sampai pagi,
Jadi lit cam waktu teng hari,
Jalan kerja aku tiap hari,
Lagu pun silih berganti,
Huh? Bash habis lompat lagi?
Psp lu tak boleh flip, tolong jangan holla sini dah penuh seat,
Dah berapa strike cam tengah breakdown,
Total sebilik takleh nak headcount,
Lu takleh join ni bukan playground,
Ini time aku maaf bukan engkau, bitch

after u go power takleh flip
now berapa funds gua dah acquired
we on the operate now step apart now its my crew punya convert
gua nak parti sampai pagi
takde yang boleh quit me
e book me a spot for all the shot like esok dah takde hari

you gotta quit search at me, im in my zone
berapa laju ku pergi, cant catch me son
large pace like a chase, 3 instances laju dari lu punya operate
me on my exciting time with my set lu takleh kawan, lu takleh kawan

now fingers up put your hand
in the motherfucking air
yea u know what to do
when u fuck with the fam
we’re stayin lit morherfucker
we’re burning scene on the cam
we are stacking bill beneath radar
dont give bout the fame

u know we’re droping hit enable it flow in ur rib
if u cant come to feel this shitt
yea u far better go relaxation in peace
i dont swim with the stream
dont u hi with no beam
dont fuck with my workforce

oi hearth
budak ku lit
gucci tolong jaga mata ku time tengah rollin
budak lu datang dari one more door
takle breakin ku time on the floor
budak ku lit continuous from the force
takle find aku time tengah lost
so unpleasant pasti party sampai pagi
back again 2 again dengan ku
takle nak capture up with ma see
now hard cash out all in sampai pagi
when im with my crew
and go out kena suci dalam debu lepas tu achoo

Aku fall dead
And they believed that
Aku od dapat pujian dari og
Bahan panas campuran op

Aku A kat dalam slayer
Kau dah ajak salah player
Psp ni takde stranger ku dah stranded
Ludah fire

Atas highway takde roadtag
Takken hit cam kene kat ballsack
Turun naik mcm currency trading
Sampai jaw-sag bic u know that

Lepas snack
We preserve on goin
Takkan pernah pass joint
Takde position untuk kau nak join
Social gathering sampai morning
Im all in

Transition masuk sejuk cam K O D
movement aku taruk tarik panjang layan cam canopy
u cannot see, so may well as perfectly just dengar ni
tune in to PSP now startin the recreation lu tak sempat completely ready
now takleh nak back again, bukan time nak get unfortunate
ini masa aku dengan entice nak getback
kau masih nak set even kau takleh get
aku Usain though kau masih bolting the hole
issa bullet practice monitor
much better check out if i clap back again
whats the temper in that
PSP yeah you know wherever to get that.

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A tremendous smart rap crew with daring angle. Talk loud & self confidence when they made presence. A crew with mission and vision, just about every monitor that FPB created, will operate thru a particulars attention 100% concentration from the group
With their swag mindset, supply & witty bars, make FPB stand out to be alpha dominant artist/rap crew & foreseeable future faces for MY tunes business.



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