Female Sexuality and What Makes Women Tick

Female sexuality is one of the most widely talked about and researched forms of sexuality in society today. There is a quiet fascination with what makes women tick. Men and women alike have agreed that the average fantasy includes two women. Some would say that women generate more sex appeal than men do. Studies have proven that for women sexual attraction is most important when it comes to picking a partner. Even the most beautiful male or female may not create the sexual tension women desire. What generates that attraction is different for all women. For some, it is blue eyes and tattoos. For others it is height and weight. No matter how you slice it, sexual attraction is the first factor for female sexuality; second is the emotional connection.

An unknown author once said “Women will fake an orgasm for a relationship while men will fake a relationship for an orgasm.” Scientific studies have proven that there is much truth to this statement. Women are seeking that deep emotional connection with a partner; whether it is male or female. Men however are typically seeking a more physical connection. Men and women operate differently. Both want to feel desired in their own unique ways. It is more common for men to indulge in pornography than women. Women are more apt to indulge in fantasies where they are the most desired person. When was the last time you saw a lingerie or sexual fantasy costume store for men? Many women enjoy the opportunity to express themselves as the sexy French Maid or the dirty mistress. It allows them to tap into an alter ego while satisfying their partners’ visual needs in the process. Acting out fantasies such as these also allow for the female to be in control of her partner. The feeling of being in control and being strongly desired heightens a woman’s sense of self worth. This is the ultimate definition of sexuality. Sexuality defines how we see and express ourselves and how we physically and emotionally relate to others.

Sexuality is considered one of the most important parts of who we are as humans. The realms of sexuality include sexual fantasies, sexual desires, and sexual behavior. It is the reason that we stand a certain way when the object of our affection is near us. It is the cause for us to strive to reach certain goals and have specific materialistic things in our lives. Sexuality helps us determine what fantasy we want to make a reality in our lives. Female sexuality factors in age, weight, career choice, personal happiness, and even diet. Studies have shown that 80% of all women are unhappy with some aspect of their lives. It has also shown that 76% of those women use sexual exploration as a way to boost their overall mental attitude about themselves. The adult industry is available to us to test the waters of where the greatest pleasure lies. With an annual growth rate of 30%, it is a 15 billion dollar industry across the globe. No women should ever be ashamed of finding out what makes her tick. With female sexuality being so popular, it is a wonder that all women do not feel superior about their sexual being. Take the time to discover yours. Who knows, you could unleash the best you.

Source by Robert W Mccormack