F. F. Bosworth Health Mystery UNSEALED!

Fred Francis Bosworth was a Pentecostal evangelist and trainer of “Faith Healers” who toured with William Branham from the beginning of Branham’s ministry as his campaign manager. Bosworth joined William Branham to debate Rev. Best in Houston, Texas where Branham’s famous Houston Photograph, or halo photo, was captured. Bosworth was well-respected in Pentecostal circles, claiming to have been one of those in attendance at the Azusa Street Revival. Bosworth was also a founding father of the Assemblies of God. For a critical examination of the ministry of F. F. Bosworth, read F.F. Bosworth: The Man behind ‘Christ the Healer’ by Roscoe Barnes III

Bosworth was a ranking member of “Elijah prophet” John Alexander Dowie’s “Faith Healing” commune in Zion, IL. After Dowie’s death and as Pentecostal founder Charles Fox Parham attempted to seize control of Zion City, Bosworth joined forces with Parham against Wilbur Voliva, General overseer of Zion. the “Parhamite” sect in Zion grew to over a hundred people and their religious “healing” practices became more extreme. Five of the Parhamites were arrested on charges of manslaughter after torturing one Mrs. Greenhaulgh to death. Mrs. Greenhaulgh suffered rheumatism, and the Parhamites “broke her legs, her neck, her arms, and her ribs, and choked her until she died” in an attempt to “cast devils and evil spirits from her rheumatism racked body”. Parham failed to seize control of Zion, and F. F. Bosworth left Zion City. Immediately after leaving, Bosworth moved to Waco, Texas, the future home of the Branch Davidians where he lived during the same time he helped establish the Assemblies of God.

In 1956 Bosworth mysteriously disappeared from public view. Though his publicists and partners in the ministry claimed that he died without any illness, F. F. Bosworth’s death certificate shows the contrary. After suffering a massive stroke, Bosworth struggled with congestive heart failure for three years. In the final six months of his life, Bosworth also suffered from lung cancer. William Branham also attempted to hide Bosworth’s condition; Branham did not mention the critical illness and suffering; according to Branham, Bosworth “went in peace”. Instead of years of suffering, Branham claimed that Bosworth spent about an hour in a coma immediately prior to death, and shook hands with his converts.

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