Envato Sector – Change Gallery – aid for picture/div/movie/swf

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SHIFT Gallery - support for image/div/video/swf - 1

SHIFT Gallery - support for image/div/video/swf - 2
SHIFT Gallery - support for image/div/video/swf - 3
SHIFT Gallery - support for image/div/video/swf - 4
SHIFT Gallery - support for image/div/video/swf - 5
SHIFT Gallery - support for image/div/video/swf - 6


Change Gallery is the best showcase for your work/portfolio/photographs. You don&#8217t have to stress if you need to have to showcase some video clips/swfs/text beside images due to the fact this gallery supports them all. It can also be turned into a slideshow so that your viewer can see your function with out possessing to do practically nothing.

Some of the new options:

  • Lightbox aid
  • new dim type ( black buttons )
  • some bugs on ie fixed

What&#8217s bundled?

  • documentation
  • js files ( equally minified and uncompressed for builders ), css documents, demo html file, demo images
  • wordpress integration pack

Set up

the setup is really standard, by which include a script in your &#8216head&#8217 tag of the html

and a very simple div in the position you want:

and that&#8217s all

entire aid is in the readme file + example documents are provided, so it really should be no problem for anyone.


  • Changeable quantity of thumbnails seen
  • Structural parameters of the gallery can be set effortlessly
  • Image and thumbnails&#8217 container dimension are re-sizable
  • Thumbnail and directional buttons allow navigating thumbnails
  • Adjust buttons very easily
  • Editable captions available for every single thumbnail
  • Different text descriptions are assignable for just about every graphic
  • Text description can be aligned major or base
  • Animated textual content description
  • Versatile configuration
  • 9 transitions outcomes that can be quite basic modified
  • material is continue to viewable without JavaScript enabled.
  • Much more than one particular slideshow can be on the similar webpage