DZS Scroller – jQuery Scrollbar Done Right


Tired of the default scrollbar ? DZS Scroller jQuery is the ultimate scrollbar for your site which you can customize very easily via CSS if the 3 skins included are not enough. It also comes with enhanced functionality like scroll by hover or fade on mouse leave. And it works on iPhone/iPad! So what are you waiting for ? Get it today for your site, integrate in less then 5 minutes!

iPAD Demo

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For updating, just overwite the dzscroller folder

UPDATE 4.11 [ 06/02/2015 ]

  • [FIX] some bugs
  • [ADD] easing

UPDATE 3.30 [ 06/26/2013 ]

  • [FIX] some bugs
  • [FIX] removed responsive mode – just use width: 100%; for responsiveness
  • [TWEAK] changed mouse wheel algorithm
  • [FIX] mouse wheel on IE9

UPDATE 3.1 [ 05/02/2013 ]

  • fixed some bugs
  • improved experience on mobile devices – more natural scrolling

UPDATE 3.0 [ 02/22/2013 ]

  • fixed some bugs
  • NEW: now responsive

UPDATE 2.0 [ 03/22/2012 ]

  • fixed bugs
  • cleaned skin settings to only a settings_skin parameter
  • 5 fresh skins
  • settings_autoheight – calculate the scroller height depending on the first element height
  • settings_autoresizescrollbar – calculate the scrollbar size depending on the visible area / content area proportion

UPDATE 1.3 [ 09/06/2011 ]

  • scrollbars now visible on the iphone / ipad
  • some new options, some bug fixes

UPDATE 1.2 [ 07/27/2011 ]

  • added reinitialization options [ for content added after initialization ]

UPDATE 1.1 [ 07/14/2011 ]

  • fixed a issue in ie8
  • allows dynamic horizontal content

What do you get?


How many parameters do I need to setup the scroller

The width and height of the mandatory. Other optional parameters are size of the whole content area ( can be autocalculated , fullwidth, refresh on resize and many more. See documentation for full list.

Does it work on smartphones

Yes, it works on touch devices – iPad and iPhone tested. You can test with your device right in the preview

Can I have as many pics as I want?

Yes. Note that pictures take time to load – you can call the scroller right when the document is ready – via the jQuery(document).ready call and the scrollbar will appear right away. Or you can call the scroller when all the images are loaded via the jQuery(window).load call and if you use the full_horizontal example the scroller dimensions will be auto calculated.

What if the pictures are different size

Does not matter.

the content area in my
web site is not full-page, but
a smaller content box in the
middle of the web site page
can I use your script in this
smaller content area?

Sure can. The scroller works both fullwidth and in layout. It’s added in the content like a normal div would

How do I refresh the scrollbar dimensions after adding new content

Aw yes, I just added the reinitialization method for cases when something like this is added

    jQuery('#scrollc6').find('.real-inner').append('<a rel="fancybox" href="img/b1.jpg"><img src="img/s1.jpg" /></a>');

so that it recalculates the sizes. There are two ways to do this

Method 1 – do this on init

which autorefreshes every 10 seconds ( or what you want to enter ) or

Method 2 – hard, single refresh

when you do a manual refresh.

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