Do it yourself Electronics Package Ultrasonic Levitator Soldering Practice Mini Acoustic Levitator Standing Wave Controller Acoustic Suspension


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Diy Ultrasonic Levitator Package Mini Acoustic Levitator Standing Wave Controller Module Acoustic Suspension Digital Studying Suite

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It is a ultrasonic suspension module.This is a mini ultrasonic levitation system that can suspend foam balls.The machine consists of a one chip microcomputer,a driver chip and two ultrasonic probes.Largely employed for learners or Do it yourself electronics lovers to master about ultrasonic standing wave suspension.


1).It will come with a DC ability interface for simple charging.

2).It has a software obtain interface and is effortless to use.

3).It supports prolonged-time period suspension,the motherboard will be somewhat scorching.

4).It has a energy indicator and an ultrasonic suspension indicator,and you can see the doing the job position of the products by observing the indicator.


1).Product or service Title:Ultrasonic Suspension Module

2).Enter Voltage:DC 12V

3).Enter Current:70mA(Max)

4).LED (purple):Electric power Indicator

5).LED (environmentally friendly):Ultrasonic levitation indicator

6).Probe Spacing:22mm

7).Operate Temperature:-25℃~85℃

8).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH


4.Operating Theory:

1).Ultrasonic standing wave suspension is that there is a sure distance between the ultrasonic transmitting stop and the reflecting end (or one more transmitting stop) (termed the resonant cavity distance),and the transmitted wave and the mirrored wave (or a different acoustic wave) are constantly superimposed to kind a standing wave.The acoustic wave pressure on the object at the standing wave node overcomes the influence of gravity and last but not least achieves the result of suspension.