What's happening in the Driftworks Workshop – Multiple Project Cars

Driftworks Garagelife. I bring you up to speed with what’s happening in the Driftworks workshop with my multiple project cars in early August 2022. We check out the Murcielago, 964 Turbo and DW86 drift car progress around at DynoTorque.
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43 thoughts on “What's happening in the Driftworks Workshop – Multiple Project Cars”

  1. Your view count doesn't make sense, it should be a lot higher. So many people are missing your channel, the US of A market would love you. 
    Dodge Challenger SRT Demon with Driftworks updates . I'm guessing it would pay for the car and the your best mate Jay. Keep the videos coming.

  2. Phil when his modified Porsche or Lamborghini needs expensive custom parts: 🤑🤑🤑
    Phil when he's buying tyres and parts to go drifting again: 😢😢😢

    We all know he'll enjoy it when he gets there though!

  3. Phil have you changed your mind yet about putting a turbo barra in vitten lol the lz invitational is going to be off its chops just remmember drive it like you stole it cheers from down under

  4. Great update. I take your point about the cost of attending events and continually keeping a fleet of cars even online, let alone competition spec – it is crazy. Well done for persisting with everything.

  5. Appears to be no "safety chains" on the trailer? Ie chains from the trailer to the towing vehicle in case of tow ball failure. A legal requirement here in Australia and a damm good idea anyway.

  6. I don't know if it's what I'm going through right now in my personal life having lost two of the most important people in the world to me but when Phil took time to talk about the Subaru it actually moved me.

  7. Nice video and great to see the AE86 and look forward to more videos of the old girl. I think all the drift teams big or small . Are amazing people to find the money and time to keep the cars going and make it to the rounds. Well done to everyone

  8. Fuck yeah, can't wait to see the 86 Up and running again. Saw it at the NEC a couple years ago, it's an absolute monster. Going to be competing in it again next year?

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