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Idiots In Cars / Idiots In Cars ~ Idiots In Cars Caught On Dash Cam

We believe this footage can be used as an educational and informational guide for viewers to analyze and evaluate situations to prevent any future incidents or mishaps! The purpose of this video is to raise awareness and learn from other’s driving mistakes. Also only a small percentage of people that watch my videos are actually subscribed so if you end up liking this video consider subscribing it’s free and you can always change your mind. Enjoy the video.

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07/13/2022 Van Wyck Expway rear end hit & run –
Crazy Driver almost cause an Accident –
Idiot crosses 4 lanes without watching for incoming traffic. Near crash with my semi. –
Work Life: Highway Edition- Close Call –
Really? –
Work truck does 180 and almost flips over! Distracted driving! –
This clueless woman was INCHES from swapping paint with me. –
Good driving skills… (was MUCH closer than the dashcam makes it appear) –
Dash Cam – Near Accident –


41 thoughts on “Idiots In Cars 68”

  1. 1:03 jeep driver should be more focused on surroundings. Car in the middle line just ahead is suddenly breaking….. …. is there pedestrian jaywalking, kid, animal? ….. is there some other irresponsible driver crossing? …. something going on, slow down, pay attention. and save some hours to deal with accident outcome. Easy. If most drivers do this, we lose this youtube channels.

  2. 2:47 I do not understand the behavior of such people. The guy in the camera car sees a serious accident happening in front of him. He talks about it. And then he just drives on. How ignorant and stupid is that please? There are traffic victims, possibly injured. You see this ignorant behavior over and over again in videos from the USA. Aren't there any rules in this damn country that require first aid?

  3. Anyone else still thinks it's a good idea to let 16 YO have their driving licenses and NEVER have a follow-up course??? You cultivate drivers who are blind, deaf and stupid!

  4. someone who has a tv show or something needs to make a scene where a character is getting their license and goes to their local place, and someone dressed in a mascot outfit is handing out drivers licenses like candy, even to the children there.

  5. 4:31 I know that intersection, I go through there all the time. 121 in Texas is a fucking mess. Used to be it's own highway, but then the widened and put a fucking toll road down the middle of it. Then, they time all the lights on 121 to be extra annoying to encourage you to use the toll road. Fuck that static, I ain't paying no damn toll. I'll put up with some lights.

  6. Better yet don’t illegally turn from the middle lane. Put on your right turn single at least we 100 feet keep it on then use the proper right turning lane , pull in the right turn lane , turn your vehicle with along the curb while using your blinker.

    I would love to know why people decide to go out and drive stupidly. I would love to ask them what they are trying to accomplish

  7. At 3:29 the right lane is fully open and that is where the semi truck should be. Instead he stays in the left lane and complains about the car (and the pickup) pulling into the left lane to pass.

  8. 1:22 it must suck to have such a small penis that you're angry at the entire world and have to exert your dominance over someone who made a simple mistake by driving like an asshole and diving in front of them… you poor poor thing..

    these are that idiot i laugh at on the regular…"oh poor me, the slighted me… oh poor poor me!!!"


    Does this channel even look at the videos people send them?!?!?

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