Idiots In Cars #19

Idiots In cars #19

This video is an ultimate car crash compilation 2021, idiots in cars, driving fails & bad drivers compilation of 2021 (USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA & MORE) in the series that is all about terrible car crashes, idiots in cars, hit and run, instant karma, near miss, learning how to drive, crazy drivers, brake check, close calls, supercar fail, rear-ended, accident, funny car fails, dashcam fails, etc.

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44 thoughts on “Idiots In Cars #19”

  1. 0:01 Explanation by passenger has started making the rounds. Driver had built the car over 20+ years. Brakes hadn't been upgraded since he put them on 17 years ago. Interview/test drive was FULL of warnings and problems. Hung throttle… hung brake pedal… Soft brake pedal after driving a bit… Just before the clip starts the driver/owner realizes he has ZERO brakes. For whatever reason he DIDN'T kill the ignition or shove the tranny into Neutral or Park. Idiot fest. Oh, and they were SITTING ON 5-point race harnesses…

  2. Idk why guys still think fast cars or doing these ridiculous driving “skills” and dangerous things and human endangering is Amusing to girls …honestly those types of drivers I almost hope get into a major accident and only have themselves to blame when they get hurt

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