Cafele Wireless Car Tyre Inflator 150 PSI Electronic Air Compressor Portable Battery Air Pump For Car Motorcycle Boat Bicycle


Price: 58.36 - 34.43

How to use

Step1:Turn On And Connect The Tire

Step2:Press the buckle on the air hose to prevent air leakage.

Step3:Press the “Unit” button to wake up the LCD screen.

Step4:Press the buttons “+” and “-” to preset the tire pressure. (If you don’t know the standard air pressure, just select the desired mode directly)

Step5:Press the power button to start inflating, and it will stop automatically after reaching the preset pressure


●Wireless & Portable: The wireless design and compact mini size make the air compressor portable and easy to operate with one hand. The compressor is ready in only 4 steps. An LCD display indicates the air pressure.Suitable for inflating when the car tires are insufficient and Fully inflated the bicycle and motorcycle tires;

●Inflate Fast & Automatic: The electric air pump with4 switchable pressure units (PSI, BAR, KPA, KG / CM⊃2;), so you can set the tire pressure as desired. The compressor automatically shuts off when the set tire pressure is reached. The maximum pressure is about 150 PSI

●High Capacity Rechargeable Battery: With 4000mAh Certified Lithium-Ion Battery, this portable Compressor is ready to inflate bike, ball etc. The USB charging port supports fast charging.

●Use at night: built-in LED lights that can turn on automatically and the back display make Mini Compressor easy to use even at night.

●Multifunctional: This air compressor is supplied with 3 nozzle adapters. It is possible to inflate beside tires, also ball, air mattresses, toys.


-Battery capacity: 4000mAh

-Inflation efficiency: 180L/min

-Inflation pressure: 150PSI (Max)

-Pressure units: PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM2

-Outer air hose length: 13cm ± 0.5cm (5.1 ±0.2inch)

-Working temperature: 0°C~60°C

-Size: 15.4*6.1*4.3cm (6.1*2.4*1.7inch)

-Weight: 500g/1.1lb

-Maximum continuous working time: 20 min

Multiple Use is designed for your life

-For car/SUV/RV tires

-For bike/motorcycle tires

-For sports equipment

-For inflatable toys

The air pump is equipped with 21k small air outlets on both sides, and the connecting shaft of the motor drives the fan to quickly transfer the internal heat to ensure the stable operation of the motor.

The pure copper coil motor reduces the operating sound. The suspension design is used to effectively reduce the mechanical noise caused by shell resonance.

An intelligent sensor chip is built in the air nozzle so the tire pressure is automatically detected and displayed once connect. A tire with healthy tire pressure does not need to be inflated, otherwise it needs to be inflated.

automaticauy stop inflation when it reaches the value of healthy tire pressure and will not cause tire puncture due to overcharging.

The standard tire pressure is set in advance. Thus even when you do not know the standard tire pressure, you can easily inflate the tire. You can also increase or decrease the tire pressure according to your own special needs

LED Lighting

Built-in various gas nozzles and charging cable,Suitable for cars, suv, motorcycle, kayaking, bicycle, ball and air cushion.