Boxes Wizard

Boxes Wizard


Printed Wed Apr 19 2023
Kind html5
Sub Kind Javascript
HTTPS completely ready Certainly
Cell completely ready Indeed
Cellular Manner Landscape
Proportions 640×480

Enterprise trezegames
Description Boxes Wizard is a 2D pixel artwork platformer the place you play as a wizard wielding a picket personnel. With the electric power to teleport and drive packing containers, you may navigate 40 ever more hard amounts filled with puzzles and hurdles.

Swap spots with containers to generate new paths, and address puzzles. Each and every stage is carefully crafted. With retro-influenced graphics, “Packing containers Wizard” delivers a difficult and immersive experience.

As you progress, you may deal with more durable troubles. Use your magical powers and competencies to conquer them all and emerge victorious!

Instruction Use the arrows to shift the wizard. To swap with bins, use SPACEBAR

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