BBBY Megadead for Friday August 19th, 2022

#[Welcome back to the fucking casino!](

Congratulations to all the traders who were short.

The form 144 should have been a clear indication of what was coming next.

You saw the situation change and you changed accordingly in order to make money. Well done.

Apologies to the apes who got slaughtered by Cohen selling.

That fucking sucks.

You’ll be okay though, you were able to get yourself to this point before, you’ll be able to rebuild and come back stronger.

WSB is a subreddit for traders, if you want to win, be smarter, be first, or cheat.

[SEC note: Don’t cheat]

Being able to change your opinion and position when new facts come to light is key for long term profitability.

Good luck today and godspeed.

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