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Supported products:

on any Android or iOS products that supports Air apps  :) moreover Starling desktop apps

Information Integrated:

  • .as3proj (FlashDevelop AIR sample job)
  • .as (source codes)
  • Five sample vector avatars
  • asDoc style Documentation

verify out the none-starling model below

Sample Android App

with applying this small but awesome library, you will be capable to initialize a speaking avatar in your Starling Air cell initiatives. You will be equipped to opt for from present-day obtainable avatars in your &#8220bin&#8221 folder and insert your possess voice .mp3 file and then addChild the Avatar course any place in your project and you&#8217re accomplished.

     import com.doitflash.utils.avatar.StarlingAvatar
     import com.doitflash.utils.avatar.AvatarEvent

     // set Class variable
     var _avatar:StarlingAvatar

     // initialize a _holder. avatar will be addchilded in _holder.
     // _holder will have to have a precise width and peak so we create a new Condition() in the _holder
     var _holder:Sprite = new Sprite()
     var rect:Condition = new Form(), 1), , 400, 600)
     _holder.x = 100
     _holder.y = 100

     // initialize the StarlingAvatar
     _avatar = new StarlingAvatar()

     // increase a listener to be notified when the avatar is loaded
     _avatar.addEventListener(AvatarEvent.LOADED_AVATAR, onLoadedAvatar)

     // insert a listener to be notified when the mp3 file is loaded
     _avatar.addEventListener(AvatarEvent.LOADED_VOICE, onLoadedVoice)

     _avatar.holder = _holder
     _avatar.avatarUrl = "WomanAvatar.swf" // set the address to the avatar graphic you would like to use
     _avatar.voiceUrl = "exam.MP3" // set the address to the mp3 file which you like to use for lip-syncing

     // contact this approach and load the avatar graphic starts

     personal function onLoadedAvatar(e:AvatarEvent):void
             // simply call this process and load the mp3 file begins

     non-public function onLoadedVoice(e:AvatarEvent):void
             trace("audio duration: ", e.param) // mp3 duration is based on miliseconds

             // use this listener to be notified when the mp3 playback is finished.
             _avatar.addEventListener(AvatarEvent.Seem_Play_Completed, onPlayComplete)

             // contact this strategy and the mp3 file begins playing

     non-public operate onPlayComplete(e:AvatarEvent):void

     // get in touch with this approach to pause the mp3 file whilst participating in and it returns the millisecond position of the audio.
     // you can use this posture to perform the mp3 yet again and commence from where by it was paused.
     // var placement:Amount = _avatar.pause()
     // _avatar.engage in(place)
     // simply call this process to halt the audio.
     // _avatar.stop()

     // When you happen to be carried out with this course, get in touch with this strategy to thoroughly clean up the memory.
     // _avatar.dispose()

we used the DMT library for dynamically making textures to be used in Starling: