Do it yourself Get together Supplies Package LED Glasses Purple LED Flashing Digital Sections Amusing Welding Exercise with Battery 3 Pack Sound-Activated

Price: 6.65 - 2.99


1. Operating Basic principle: This circuit is composed of a triode amplifier circuit and a degree indicator circuit. The microphone sends the received audio to the triode Q1 as a result of C3 for amplification and then sends it to the signal enter terminal (pin 8) of the KA2284. The KA2284 drives 5 groups of mild-emitting diodes to show on and off. The louder the sound, the a lot more LEDs mild up, and the quieter the sound, the fewer LEDs light up.

2. Doing work Voltage: 12V

3. Doing work Current: 15mA

4. Shell Content: Abdominal muscles

5. LEDs: 50