Adaptivate: Make Any Web site Adaptive/Responsive – Envato Current market – Codecanyon


Adaptivate provides lessons representing the latest web page width and orientation to any component you pick out (e.g. the html or physique tag) so that you can easily make your web site adaptive/responsive without the need of acquiring to offer with messy CSS media queries.

Working with these courses, you can make CSS procedures to implement distinctive types based mostly on the web page width or orientation. For example, you can make the menu a mounted width on screens scaled-down than 768px, and fluid on larger sized screens. Or make list products float left on screens larger than 1024px.

Rather of applying CSS media queries like &#8220display screen and (min-width: 641px) and (max-width: 1023px) and (orientation: portrait)&#8221, you can contain a rule in your css to goal &#8221.width_gt_640.width_lt_1024.orientation_portrait&#8221.

Adaptivate only demands jQuery, and supports any browser that jQuery does (for utmost compatibility, use version 1.9x).