What to Consider While Choosing Dog Food?

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You should always take care of your dog's health and nutrition. In addeition, his health is directly proportional to the quality of the foods it consumes. That's why you should buy fresh and reliable dog food with vitamins. Here are some things to consider when choosing dog food:
1. Decide Which Dog Food to Buy

Depending on your budget, you can give your dog wet and dry food. In fact, most dogs can eat both. However, wet dog food is generally more expensive than dry food. On the other hand, if you have a sensitive dog, you should choose a suitable food for it.

2. Determine Your Dog's Age and Nutrition Needs

It is very important to feed your dog according to age and needs. As your dog grows older, the need for calories increases. Therefore, you must choose a dog food that can meet your dog's daily calorie needs.

3. Ensure That The Dog Food is Approved By The Ministry of Health

When buying dog food, it is very important to shop at a trusted marketplace. The dog food of your choice must be approved by the Ministry of Health. In addition, dog food should also be certified by the competent authority.

4. Read the Contents on Dog Food

Dogs can eat meat, cereals and vegetables, because they are both carnivorous and herbivorous,  The list of contents in the label is listed according to the formula values of the dog food. You can give priority to dog food with the appropriate amount of meat, vegetables and Omega oil.

5. Read Estimated Analysis Values

Read important values such as protein, fat, fiber and Omega oil on dog food. Because these values are determined by the age and weight of the dogs. Check these values for your dog's age.

Finally, you should buy dog food sold in a place not exposed to light. You should also consider that the food package is not opened and the expiration date has not expired.

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