İs pubg first person or third person?

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You may wonder what the difference between TPP and FPP is in the lobby display in PUBG, what are the differences in the game and why people prefer FPP on TPP. These and more will be described in this manual and detailed information on each topic will be provided.  

First Person is a game mode that requires a lot of skill because the field of view of the game is smaller than the third party in this mode. Because, to look around you need to use keys like Alt, and the tools are quite difficult to use. Nearly every high-level professional player plays only in first person perspective. Because he is more likely to be a more competitive shooter than an average shooter.  But, for new players, it is not recommended to play this game mode from the beginning. Because you need to do more to gain and position yourself in a different way.

Third person is the mode that most players have initiated, because it is the default when you start the game or enter the lobby again in a previous game. The third person is usually perceived as easier and more ordinary game mode. But, this does not mean that players who play the third person perspective  mode do not require the ability to win a game. It is especially easy to play for new players. Also, in this mood You can change the camera to look at the corners. It is much more effective to lean to the left or right.

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