bigger penis is generally perceived as a privilege for the male. In fact, this is as important as having money and power for some people. In fact, a big penis does not always mean privilege or advantage. There are some negative aspects of big penis. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a big penis:

Advantages of Bigger Penis

The big penis has many advantages. Men with big penis usually do not have problems with hardening. In addition, these men have more self-confidence. A big penis often offers high pleasure potential. A big penis gives women more satisfaction than an average penis. There are also regions of pleasure where an average penis cannot reach in the vagina. That's why she wants to get and feel the penis in the deepest zones of the vagina. Because a woman likes to see a big penis in her vagina. A big penis provides a great orgasm for both men and women during sexual intercourse. On the other hand, women who are fond of oral sex receive great pleasure in licking a big penis like an ice cream cone. They also like to caress it and make sure it gets an erection.

Disadvantages of Bigger Penis

There are many advantages of a bigger penis like above. But for some people, a big penis is a disadvantage. Some women think of a big penis as creepy. According to them, the big penis meanspain and strain during sex. Some women even agree that a big penis for sex is unnecessary. On the other hand, a man with a big penis can not try different sex positions with his partner. Some women also don't like it because the erection and orgasm are long.

Finally, big penis may sometimes be involuntary erection. Due to too much erection and large size, the penis may be irritated, especially when rubbing on the jeans. Wearing shorts and swimwear is a very important problem. In addition, the erection function may end at an earlier age.

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