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The concept of flavor varies by countries. Indonesia is quite different in terms of the culture of the culinary. In fact, some of the excessive food is attracting too much attention. Can you think of trying these interesting flavors that are strange to most people? Here are some interesting flavors:

1. Appetite Enhancer Earthworm Juice
Today, earthworms are used in many areas. But have you ever heard that earthworms treat typhus? Did you hear that earthworms used as appetite-enhancing drugs. Earthworm Juice is drunk in Indonesia? Maybe, you'd like to try!

2. A Tribal Meal Sago Caterpillars
Sago caterpillars in Indonesia are believed to be highly vitamins. They are said to be useful as medicines. Sago Caterpillars is also a traditional meal from the Indonesian Kamoro Tribe.

3. Minahasa Meal Baked Mice
The idea of baked mice is pretty weird, isn't it? However, baked mice are preferred in the Minahasa city of Indonesia. The only good thing is that the mice are caught in clean forests. 

4. Interesting Food Bat Meat
Bats are interesting creatures that only emerge in the evening after dark. Do you think that these interesting animals will eat? You have to visit the Tomohon Market in Manado to taste this weird flavor. 

5. Lizard Satay with Peanut Sauce
A meal made with reptiles can be disgusted to most people. But the lizard in Indonesia is quite common as food. The skin of this reptile is believed to cure itching. This food is made by processing the lizard meat with peanut sauce on the market.

6. Creepy Caterpillar Fur
In fact, even if you hear the name of this animal is creepy. However, these caterpillar furs are among the extreme culinary delights in some regions in Indonesia. You can easily find this strange menu in Purworejo, Central Java.

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