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Maybe we have tried many ways to get rid of our excess weight, or we have listened to a variety of suggestions from our friends. First, we should not be shy from the health problems that come with obesity. Here's what we need to do to get rid of our overweight and never encounter them again:
Life in an active way to continue!
Movement of any muscle in the human musculoskeletal system is considered as an activity. In this case, during our activities throughout the day, our body works like a machine that moves constantly and protects us against gravity. However, these daily activities must be above a certain level in order to be able to support our health. Obesity is inevitable if our daily activity involves breathing only, self-care activities, feeding and moving at a minimum level. 

This way of life is called stable life. What is necessary for weight control is to evaluate every opportunity during the day, i.e. to live an active life. However, it is important not only to be active in the fight against obesity, but also to exercise regularly. For example, a person who has a great devotion throughout the day can live an active life, but not a controlled weight loss. 

Handle the exercise to the focal point of life ...
It is called the exercise that the human body moves within a planned, repetitive and regular schedule for a specific goal. Exercise should be an inevitable part of any weight loss program. It is not possible to reach a healthy weight by restricting only calorie intake.
In fact, it is important to make active life and exercise a lifestyle, not just to reach a target weight. Otherwise, it will not be possible to maintain a healthy condition. 

Instead of spending weekends in front of the television, a whole family can have an activity. Taking a walk together, taking the children to the park, swinging on a swing, writing to dance courses or any activity you might like, can be a great start to act. Doing an activity, we do not like doing because of necessity is not recommended during the fight against obesity. If the activity creates a physical and mental well-being, exercise can become regular and the person willingly tries to protect this order. 

Start your exercise program carefully in obesity! 

• Obesity is a health problem; treatment should be under the control of the physician. It is important that the exercise program of obese people is considered as a prescription and designed to address the problems that have occurred in the body. 

• Especially the main goal of the exercise program in the beginning should be aerobic exercises. These are exercises where large muscle groups in the body work together but do not increase their heart rate much. 

• The best examples are walking, swimming, dancing. In general, aerobic exercises are planned for 4-5 days, 30-60 minutes period per week. 

• However, if the person has maintained a very sedentary life before, it may spread to the day in 10-minute intervals and not recommended for more than 30 minutes in total. 

• Aerobic exercises are more fat burning exercises. For this reason, time is increased over time and it is aimed to complete the daily exercise in one session. However, in order not to overload the joints, it is absolutely planned to have a very good walking shoe on a flat surface and a maximum of 60 minutes. 

• Over time, small weights and many repetitive force studies can be started. An increase in body muscle tissue may mask the weight loss of the scales, but it is easier to lose weight as the calories the muscles spend.

Start the training session slowly and finish slowly!
It is important to keep the first 5 minutes of the training session slow and to allow the body to prepare for exercise. 

The intensity of the exercise should be at a tempo where the person can speak without difficulty. However, it is important not to disturb the rhythm by talking to the team marches and to catch a regular breath and step rhythm. 

In the beginning, the intensity of exercise is not more important than the duration. The tempo can be increased over time after reaching the targeted time. In the last 5 minutes of exercise, slowing down is important for the body to return to rest. Completing the exercise with stretching exercises will be extremely useful.

Mostimportant key: Transfer physical activity to daily life
Physical activity opportunities are encountered during the day. Choosing stairs, parking the car away, or taking a stop before public transportation, taking a little walk in the midday holiday, turning off the TV can offer us endless opportunities to stay active.

SOURCE: P. Dr. Mücahit Özyazar

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