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Keeping vagina clean is one of the issues that many women ignore. However, it is pretty significant in terms of both cosmetics and health. Or else women might come across many unwanted troubles such as itchiness and disgusting odor. Even so, these problems could result in the ailments like vaginal infections and infertility. You can follow some tips in order that you cannot witness such problems.
Tips for Vaginal Hygiene

Cotton Underwear

It is the most outstanding step you should pay attention. Provided that you prefer underwear that is made of cotton, your vagina breathes easily.

Keep Your Vagina Drier

If you don’t dry your vagina after having bath, you will have to struggle with some healthy problems such as not only fungal infections but also bacterial ailments. On the other hand, you can also have such health problems if you don’t take your swimsuit after swimming, it will also ruin your health by staying with wet swimsuit for hours.

Use Vaginal Gels

Some products including rich vitamins and minerals could be beneficial for you during your menstrual cycle. However, you should watch out not to apply it inside the vagina. Or else, it could result in adverse effects such as bodily irritations.

Avoid from Smoking and Alcohol  

While smoking reduces oxygen saturation it also causes anaerobic infections. Furthermore, alcohol also reduces bodily strength along with appearance of vaginitis on the body. That is why you should keep away from both. Or else, you will have to face many healthy problems.

In short, you should pay attention on these points in order to protect your vagina. If you have complaints about your vagina despite the fact that you follow these instructions, you should consult a gynecologist as soon as possible.
Many women prefer vaginal shower with the belief that they are sure when they clean their vagina via a great amount of water. There are also some products including perfume for vaginal shower.

Reasons of Vaginal Shower

There are many reasons to clean vaginal shower. If your gynecologist recommends you to have vaginal shower, you can try it. However, it could damage your vagina to some extent.

After menstruation cycle, they clean the vagina with pressurized water.

In order not to be pregnant, they have vaginal shower.

Besides, they wish to minimize awful smell that vagina excretes.

Is It Healthy for Women?

It has some risks for the women’s lives.

It ruins the chemical balance on the vagina and causes numerous infections.

Vaginal Shower could assist some disastrous germs to enter the womb.

In addition, some specialists utter that women, having a vaginal shower frequently, have the risks to be much more vulnerable to numerous vaginal damages such as pelvic infections. If you possess pelvic infections on your vagina, you could face the problem of infertility possibly.

That is to say, a woman, who prefers to clean the vagina via vaginal shower regularly, doesn’t carry right step for her life. This belief could affect her health negatively by resulting in some healthy problems from pelvic infections to infertility. Thus, you should just only let your vagina clean itself.

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