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Rinspeed Scuba
Designed by Swiss company Rin speed’s CEO Frank M. Rinderknecht, sQuba is a car for both land and sea use. The Spy Who Loved, which was a James Bond film, sQuba, was also used in 1977.

Dodge Tomahawk 

With a speed of 675 km/h, the highest-speed motorcycle ever produced on World. The interesting thing is that the engine has been produced in 2003 and has not produced a faster engine since that date. If you look at the shape, it looks like a motorcycle, but it resembles a car with 4 wheels and a V10 engine. The engine on the bike is identical to the Dodge Viper's engine and 500 Hp. Although these produced engines certainly do not produce for use in the streets, Dodge, you can find thousands of people who want to use. It's said to have had nine sold so far, but no clear information. The engine's sales price is 550.000 dollars


Tasco 1948, which hosts the "Future era technology" figures of the 1940s America, is a model inspired by airplanes. The name of the vehicle, which came together with the Second World War planes and sports model automobile designs, was created by combining the initials of the manufacturer, The American Sportscar Company. The model, produced mainly from aluminum, failed to achieve mass production. 

The Tasco 1948, which creates a feeling of using an airplane with the cockpit-looking front console, may not be mass-produced; But it inspired the future with its design. The T-shaped ceiling design was first seen in the automotive history in this vehicle. 

30 meters Length Limousine 

No standard size for limousines; but the longest limo is called the American Dream and has a length of 30 meters. This limo has two V8 engines and a small heliport on the back. With 26 wheels. There are two driver's cabins at the front and back for efficient use of the vehicle.

Cadillac Pool 

It's a 1969-model Cadillac surrounded by a pool. And the water in this pool is getting warmer with the car's engine. The vehicle can accommodate 2.268 liters of water. 

Firebird III 

Nowadays, we know that the vehicles are constantly comparing with the planes in the ads. But General Motors has succeeded in taking this benchmark into a higher dimension. As you can understand, the men have built a four-wheeled fighter plane to park in front of the door! The main power of the vehicle comes from gas turbine engines, which enable the combustion of heat energy, which is also used in aircraft, to convert the vehicle's mechanical energy. 

In addition, the vehicle has a second but slightly smaller engine for the operation of its accessories. There is no gas, no brakes, no debriage pedal and it is controlled by joysticks. 

Dream Car 123: Pyramid Electric Car 

The car Dream car 123, which is 3.5 tons in weight, resembles the Egyptian pyramids and can be easily rotated, looks like a pyramid and is equipped like a tank and lights up at night. The best feature is that it works with electricity. 3.5 hours of charging at 64 km/h speeds up to 386 km. The inventor of the car, Greg Zanis also designed a tower garage that charges the vehicle with solar and wind energy.

Land Rover-The Judge Dredd 101 

This car is really the most interesting of all the cars for to believe it is real. In 1995, Land Rover designed and produced this vehicle. The prototype of the vehicle was so much appreciated, the Land Rover had to produce 31 more. The actual use of the vehicle is known to be military and this car can travel in any terrain.

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