Dreaming is described as a miraculous event. So, what exactly does the dream mean? 

Dream is a process of sleep. The dream process is repeated 5 times every night. In the first half of the night, it is shorter. In people whose sleep is normal i.e. the sleep structure is good, the dream is a process that is seen every night.
In the dream process, eyeball movements accelerate. Muscle activity slows down and then stops completely. This way the body does not move. As a result of the cessation of muscle activity, the person cannot experience the events of the dream, but in this case, the person feels alive. The dreams usually appear in the daily life as a result of the classification of events. Sometimes you do not live, or irrelevant, strange situations can be seen in the dream.
Everyone is dreaming because dream is one of the normal processes of sleep. The dream process is important for the person. It is a memory related situation. Dreams have a duty to separate important information learned during the day and keep them in memory. This situation is very important. 

The information we collect during the day is classified and kept in a permanent memory. Some unnecessary information we obtain during the day is disposed of. This situation is experienced in the dream process.
Therefore, dream sleep has a great importance in human life. People who do not sleep have long-term memory problems. Therefore, it is important that for dreams to sleep well and the dreams are not divided. It is seen that the memory works well in people who have a healthy dream process. 

How often do you dream?
The sleep process continues with the Rem phase starting with the Non-Rem phase. The normal period of sleep is a period of 90 to 120 minutes. Every night the average 4 or 5 times the dream is observed. Non - Rem stage sleep process is long - lasting and rests the body. The Rem phase is the process against the morning. Sleep at this stage is extended. It is seen that dreams in the morning are 40 or 50 minutes in some people. 

In the first part of the night, 4- or 5-minute dreams can be seen. These are short dreams. People need to be awakened from sleep to ask if they are dreaming.

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