What Are the Secrets of The Number 7?

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7 known as the symbol of luck all over the world. This number is so interesting because 7 seems not from this world. Within the main figures, none can be divided into seven, and the result is always decimal numbers of infinite repetitions. The fact that 7 does not divide and cannot enter any process with other numbers. There are many secrets like 7 days a week, 7 planets, 7 metal parts and this adds more mystery to this number. Planets, metals and days of the week turn around the seven number: Moon, silver, Monday, Mars, iron, Tuesday, mercury Wednesday; Jupiter, tin, Thursday, Venus, Copper, Friday, Saturn, Lead, Saturday and Sun, gold, Sunday.

There are seven continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Antarctica, and Australia; There are seven oceans and seven worlds of destinations for spiritual change. The number 7 is very important, especially for the Jewish philosophy called Kabbalah. Events starting with 7 are very important for Jews. Another mystery of the number 7 is that God creates man in 6 days and makes a holiday on the 7th day.

Pythagoras says: “Evolution is the law of life. The number is the law of the universe”. According to Pythagoras, the meaning of numbers was:
1- Essence, number of one, 2- Contrast, change 3- Integrity, beginning, middle and end, divine power, 4- Truth, justice, world, 5- Marriage, 6- Chance, 7 All of the universe; The divine power is the sum of 3 and the sum of the four symbolizing the world, or the combination of God with the world, 8- Stability, 9- The essence of all numbers, accuracy, 10- The beginning of a new series without end. Seven is a sacred number, extraordinary.

Glory is honor, success, and number of lives. Seven also express eternity. There are seven primary colors, seven notes, seven heavens according to some beliefs, and seven energy centers in our bodies. It is symbolized by the planet Venus in Kabbalah. Human cells are renewed every seven years.

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