Is Pubg mobile or computer version?

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PUBG is a battle royale game. İt is the most preferred game of this genre. İt is possible to reach the game from two different platforms. İf the game is compared in terms of two separate platforms, first of all in terms of speed should definitely be preferred mobile.  The fact that the game is free makes it more advantageous than many games.

Why Computer Version?

Both versions are beautiful but if you are the one who likes to play the game by seeing all the details, you must play the game on the computer. İn addition the mobile version of the game also has automatic aiming. If you want to do everything yourself, you must play the game on the computer. 

You can play as a team if you want to play alone.  İf you want the game to be hard for you, fight against the players who are racing in teams

PUBG is a game for the computer and  PUBG is a survival and war game. The  game was very much loved from the first moment. So, it started to play too much. The developers of the game as a result of the game wanted to move to another platform. Eventually, the game was also played on mobile platforms. 

Both versions can be played on the same server. So your friends play the game from the mobile while you are still on the computer you can play games together. 

The Difference Between Them

Comparing the two platforms, we can first mention the performance superiority of the game’s mobile state. The game where the mishaps happen when played on the computer, has been , improved for mobile. 

But, the mobile version of the game prevents you from seeing many details you see in the computer version.  You can play your game using both platforms.

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