Have you ever thought about what's going on with the human body after death? Now we're telling what happened here!
The body is decaying!

Approximately 30 minutes after death, the reflexes lose their characteristics. The muscles are releasing and softening, therefore the eyes and mouth remain open. The excretory system loosens, urine and sperm are draining. With the stopping of the heart, blood circulation ends in the body and blood accumulates under the body. Places with blood deposits bruise and blush. That's how they learn when death happens. After 10 hours from the dead, the body becomes solid. If the human died while excited, the body becomes solid at once. People who died in the war, therefore, suddenly become solid. From the dead, the body is cooled down one hour. The bodies of overweight people cool down later, the weak and the children's bodies are cooling down immediately.

About 24 hours after death, the body begins to rot. Bacteria take action and take over the body. First, rotting organs, eyes, intestines, abdomen and brain. Fat people are rotting faster, babies and people drowning in salt water are rotting later.

The most rotting organs of the body are the heart, the bladder, the kidney and the uterus. It's the latest time that the uterus rots. The organs that begin to rot are attacking the intestines and bacteria in the stomach and gas is formed in the body. The gas is causing the abdomen to swell. The sulfur in the body causes the body to appear black. The skin is pulled and the nails appear.

Sounds from the grave. With the body's decay, sounds can be generated when the gases formed in the body go out. Sometimes these sounds can go out of the tomb. Insects and flies continue their work. Insects are dropping larvae into the eyes and nose. Flies die here after a while, and other insects come to eat the dead flies. The behavior of insects and flies continues until the bones remain.

I think it's even scary to imagine them! In spite of everything we are not dead and we are still alive. Let's enjoy life, love each other and not forget your loved ones!

Please stop writing your ideas!

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