Why do people kiss?

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Kissing is the event that occurs when the lips are contacted between boys and girls. Because the lip is a sensitive area, its effect is strong. Kissing is the most romantic way of showing love between lovers. Is touching the lips to another skin an instinctive behavior that affects our nervous system or is it a purely cultural habit?

At the time of kissing, stimulation of the nerve endings on the mouth and lips was observed, the pulse increased, the blood circulation accelerated, the metabolism was stimulated, adrenaline and happiness hormones were secreted. Also,  When the people of the primitive tribes saw that they came from the civilized world, they were surprised that they were trying to eat each other.

Kissing and similar behaviors are also present in the animal world. Chimpanzees officially kiss. Sea lions swarm their mouths, dolphins take each other's faces into their mouths, the wolves lick each other's lips and the dogs lick their owners' faces. So this behavior makes living things feel better. However, in all of these behaviors, there is a sense of compassion rather than sexuality.

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Kissing in history has been used as a respect. The Roman emperors had given importance to those who were against them, with the parts of their bodies that they allowed them to kiss. They allowed the important people kiss their lips, less important ones to kiss their hands. Also, They allowed people who didn't care kiss their feet. The slaves were only able to kiss the land where the emperor pressed his feet.

In human history, the use of kissing as an expression of love is fairly new. The pioneer of the adult opposite sex kissing each other is French in the sixth century. So, The French kiss statement came from here.

Even people who give importance to oral health are known to kiss 250 virus and bacteria each other while kissing their lips. About 29 facial muscles are stretched and relaxed, 15 calories are spent, also cell regeneration is accelerated while kissing.  The most importantly, it is suggested that kissing can be accepted as a natural treatment method through spiritual relaxation.

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