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We all have discussions in the relationship. After these discussions in the first period, the parties act positively and try to solve the problem. If this situation is changed, if one or both of the parties do not try to solve the problem after the discussions, if the effort of one side always remains unrequited, the alarm bells are ringing if simple things are grown and become the subject of a fight.

If your relationship loses its enthusiasm and desire in the early days, this means it is over

If trust and loyalty are over, there will be no point in maintaining your relationship. It is already over.
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If your relationship hurts you in any way, stop it. It must be over.

If you are the only one who is striving to keep the relationship alive, this means it is over.

The future of your relationship is questionable this means it is going to be over soon.

If you are feeling sick and tired and your errors are frequently enlarged it is time to over.

If your partner is jealous and constantly accuses you of cheating on him, this behavior should not be tolerated. This is another indicator to stop the relationship with him.
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