Disadvantages of oral sex

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Oral sex is an oral stimulation of a person's sexual organ. Many specialists say that oral sex is not safe sex. Unprotected oral sex has the risk of contracting or passing through sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  There is a possibility that you may come in contact with genital fluids or feces, and this puts you at risk of STIs.

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Herpes simplex virus is the virus that causes most sexually transmitted sexual disease. HSV1 is the type responsible for oral injuries; HSV2 is responsible for genital wounds. Unfortunately, even if there are no symptoms, it is possible to grab one of these two types. Herpes cannot be cured and are permanent for life.


HPV differs from other sexually transmitted diseases as it is transmitted by contact with the skin and not by body fluid transfer. HPV is also known as genital warts and is rapidly transmitted by oral sex. Some experts have said that oral sex can even cause larynx cancer and can cause cervical cancer in women.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is transmitted not from the relationship between the mouth and the genital region but from the relationship between the mouth and the anal region. Most people who are living in first world nations are vaccinated against Hepatitis B.

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HIV can be transmitted by anal and vaginal sex and can be transmitted by oral sex. If there are cuts or wounds in the mouth, there is a greater risk of infection.


According to reports, the number of people caught in oral sex and chlamydia. It can be treated with antibiotics in 2 weeks but it may happen again if you and your partner are not treated well. Symptoms of the disease include genital discharge, colds, sore throat, pain during urination, pain during sex and pain in the testicle. Women are more likely to get chlamydia than men when they have oral sex.

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