Is It Possible to Love Two People Simultaneously?

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Is It Possible to Love Two People Simultaneously?


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Some men believe that they love two different women at the same time. Yet, it is impossible to love two women simultaneously. Since, some specialists believe that there are four reasons.

Reasons for Love

1) Woman’s peculiar odor: An individual odor affects a man deeply. That is why man doesn’t feel anything towards another woman. Since, he internalizes such an odor in his blood.

2) Functions in Brain: When a man falls in love with a woman, he takes her photo in his brain, and then this photo transforms into great impression, called love. When the brain feels this image, he doesn’t notice the other women around him. As a result, bodily reactions come up such as shaking and smiling involuntarily.

Thus, it is not possible to love two women. So, brain doesn’t let you place another woman’s image in your imagination.

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If you think that answer is yes, you should read this text. Since, it is up to people’s feelings. If you fall in love with somebody, your body reflects different reactions.

What Happens to You?

  • You shake fast involuntarily.
  • Your heart begins to beat unconsciously.
  • And, you cannot decide where you put your hands.
  • Knees begin to tremble.

 Thus, you feel such an emotion towards two people at the same time. However, while you love a man with a great passion, you love the other man with a small amount of passion. That is why it is possible that you could have a heart, divided into two parts beating for two different men. It is natural that we can see girls love two men. It is only because of your deep feelings.

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