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Wine is a cultural drink that has existed for centuries. At the end of each production, we can say that it is impossible to produce wine of a standard nature because the characteristics of the wine vary according to the production stages, the type of grape, the soil, the climate and many other factors in that year's weather conditions. Hundreds of different types of wine are produced in the world . If we take it according to general characteristics, we can collect it in four classes which are red, white, rose and sparkling wine. 


Red Wine: Each grape has a greenish interior regardless of its grapes. It is the shell color of the grape that determines the color of the wine and the waiting time with the grape juice during fermentation. Grape bark not only determines the color of the wine but also during the fermentation tannin is passed to grape juice. When the wine is produced, the grapes are crushed and the juice is removed and the seeds of the grapes are placed in the fermentation tank. 

At the end of fermentation, the liquid fraction in the tank is removed. The wine that is separated from the solid part is called free wine. Subsequently, a pressure is applied to the remaining solid part to obtain a darker tannin- rich energizing wine. By mixing free and forced wine, the tannin ratio is balanced.

E.g: Cabernet Sauvignon

Taste:  Cherry, Currant, Muscat and Cedar Cheese

Type:  Full-bodied red wine. 

Description: Cabernet Sauvignon is produced from full-bodied red grapes with Bordeaux origin. 

Recommended Food:  Cheese, such as lamb, beef, delicatessen, pecorino or Cedar cheese.

Alternative Options

Merlot: In medium weight, slightly lighter, more fruity aroma.

Cabernet Franc:  Less weight, higher acid and relative grapes.

White Wine: Except for the exceptions, all the grapes are colorless and the white wine can be produced from every kind of grape. But most white wine produced today is obtained from green grapes. Unlike red wine, grape juice is separated from the core and the shell before fermentation and only grape juice is left in the fermentation tank. Therefore, the wine does not contain tannins.  

E.g Chardonnay

Taste: Lemon, pear, apple fruits and spices

Type:  medium-hard bodied, white wine. 

Recommended Meals:  Sea products, chicken, mushrooms, Brie, soft, creamy or medium hard cheese.

Alternative Options

Sémillon:  More herbal and lemon flavor , medium hardness.

Viognier:  More cicek flavored, light and fragrant.

Rose Wine: French in rosé means pink. Like red wine, rose is produced from grapes, but grape peels are not left in the tank during fermentation. The aim is to provide a coloring of the grape juice. After a few hours or days, the shell part is removed from the fermentation tank and the fermentation process continues.

Pinot Noir

Taste: Red, Rose and Red Flavor 

Type:  Light Body , High Acid. 

Description:  French Sarabi with high acid content. 

Recommended Meals:  Chicken, dairy beef, duck, turkey or soft cheese or gruyère.

Alternative Options

Gamay (Beaujolais): French origin, lighter and stronger flower aromas.

 Sparkling Wine: The wine obtained from white grapes is tightly closed after being bottled and passed through a second fermentation process in bottles. The carbon dioxide formed as a result of fermentation remains in the bottle and mixes with the wine and the sparkling wine is obtained. The most known one is champagne. 

    These are the most known wine types and let me ask which is your favorite one?

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