Youtube is one of the monopolies with a specific mission from social media platforms. With a history of 10 years in total, Youtube is listed in the top three most visited sites with a content upload of 300 hours per minute. Hence, it maintains its repetition not only in its own branch but also among the largest cartels of the Internet. Most people on the Youtube channel cannot get the channel they want because they are only interested in uploading videos. You must adjust the settings, appearance, and contents of your channel correctly to get the desired output from the channel. In fact, the rules of the game are very simple; To be viral on YouTube, your videos need to be viewed more. You have more advantage on Youtube than other platforms. Because people do not read, they want to watch and listen, they are waiting for a theatrical show, they do not want to get tired. In other words, compared to article-blogs, it is likely that video-blogs are indirectly more significant in terms of citation flow.

1- Name of Your Channel Must Reflect the Content

 Let your channel name reflect your content. For example, Tom is in the game as the content of this channel can be understood by the name of the game channel. You can use more creative names instead of a name in Tom is in Game.

2- Subject of Your Channel

Plan on which videos to keep on your channel. For example, if you just upload game videos, game lovers will follow your channel. Or if you just upload car videos, car lovers will follow your channel. Make sure your videos are unique. So, you get the videos you own. Do not take videos of others and upload them to your channel.

3- Seo Settings

As you know, you need to do the search engine optimization settings correctly if you want to translate it into any other languages. It will be good for search engines to correctly fill in the title, description, and label of your video. This way you will get more views and thanks to search engine optimization.

4-Logo and Cover Photo

If you want your channel to be special, you have to have a nice logo and cover photo. There are many sites and programs that you can do as a logo for free. You can use the photoshop program, Adobe's software, for cover photos. You're going to need photoshop information. Yes, but there is no need to know the photoshop program like your name. Cover photos or logos from the Internet are ready-made templates, you can download them and make them use them.

In your videos, it would be nice for your videos to use the face camera, which we call a microphone and face cam. Of course, your microphone will be good for your videos if you don't have a bad sound like a sizzling, fan sound. You can add a nice intro to your video by putting a nice intro at the beginning of your videos. There are several programs and sites to do an intro.

6- Communication

People who want to get information about you will look directly into the section if it sees a blank or 2 sentence section. Likewise, people who want to contact with you cannot find a social media account or mail or phone number to contact with you, and that person will think that you are not interested in your business. They will think that you are only interested in uploading videos.

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