Why we have oral sex?

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Oral sex means that using your mouth, lips, or tongue to stimulate your partner's sexual organs (penis, testis, vagina, clitoris ) or anus. Oral sex is definitely not a perversion. Actually, oral sex was a topic called taboo, but nowadays this sexual activity is common. Probably you have heard many of the oral sex as "going down", "blow job", "giving head", "69" or "rimming". However, oral sex also has official medical names. If a woman is given oral sex this is called the cunnilingus. If a man is given oral sex this is called fellatio. If the oral sex contains angiosis, it is called anilingus.

The question of why we do oral sex doesn't seem to exist in his brain.Because it makes you feel delighted. Also oral sex has many benefits. So what are these ? Oral sex does not cause pregnancy, won’t harm virginity without putting anything in the vagina and most important one is that If oral sex is done without mutual desire and compulsion, it gives pleasure.

In this topic the most important question is that what should a man and woman pay attention to while having oral sex. Most men enjoy absorbing their penis, while very few women like to warn men. The penis head is particularly sensitive to kissing, lying or sucking. The woman is particularly sensitive to kissing, licking and sucking especially the clitoris, but the important point is that teeth should not cause pain or damage to the penis or vagina. Also, the blowing air into the vagina can cause pain to the woman. Oral sex should definitely be adequate cleaning. Washing the vagina with soap before oral sex may cause burning in the vagina, damage the vagina or make it slippery. However, they should be washed with soap so long as the genitals are closed and airless.

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