If you want a free site, create a blog using 'blogger'.
If you want a custom domain name, get a new domain name. I would like to recommend 'godaddy' because it is reliable and high quality. You need a hosting account. Then you need an SSL certificate. If you do not want to give money to the ssl certificate, you can use the free 3-month services.
Free ssl certificates must be renewed in 3 months. Give the hosting account you received with Godaddy to your domain name and install it on your wordpress. Now create and publish your site by creating free themes and add-ons.

You must have a gmail account to receive adsense from Google. Connect to google adsense with your Gmail account. The most important problem is that it is impossible to get adsense ads to an empty website. Add new content to your new site every day.
It is forbidden to put ads on a website without content and already google will not allow it. Publish content for a long week and send a request to adsense for adsense ads.

Google adsense will give you a code. Place it in a suitable place for your website and wait. While you are waiting, write new content, continue publishing. At the end of these transactions google adsense will send you a positive or negative mail. But when the adsense mail is unknown. This sometimes happens for 2 days, sometimes for a week or longer.

This is what I'm going to say now. If you have any questions you want to ask, I'm sure it will be answered by a specialist.

See you ..

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