We face many health problems throughout our life. Our life is changing day to day, health problems come into our lives more often than past. Most of the time, we wish we didn't feel the pain. There is a woman who is living this painless life and does not feel any pain. Jo Cameron, 71, never feels any pain or stress, she thanks to a genetic mutation in her body.

One of the biggest problems of all humanity is suffering from pain. Our lives, which have become more stressful and poor quality from day to day, unfortunately condemn us to painkillers. Jo Cameron, a 71-year-old living and studying in the United Kingdom, doesn't feel any pain or stress. A woman who did not use any painkillers during her life noticed this after an operation she had at the age of 65.

Until then, she had a few or no need for painkillers in fractures, cuts, burns, or birth. She knew that she touched the stove or that she leaned accidentally on the smell of burned meat. Interestingly, she did not feel pain, she was not experiencing intense stress or panic in bad situations. She's never been depressed all her life.

 The woman who thought that she was lucky because she was always happy in life did not know that she was different from other people. Her life changed when she was 65. She walked X-ray of her hip because she walked unstable and noticed that her hip was in fact fractured. She went to the doctor for an unbalanced gait for 3-4 years but did not feel the pain. Jo Cameron had almost no pain during the operation, although she underwent a very painful operation. When the doctors realized this, they decided to examine the old woman. Doctors first noticed a common mutation found in many people. But the second mutation they observed was something they didn't see before. It is also thought that there may be other people who have been mutated like Jo Cameron and research is underway. 

Do you think it would be better if we didn't suffer any pain during all lifetime period?

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