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Foreplay is the process of preparing the partners spiritually and physically for sexual intercourse. Foreplay covers a wide range of activities such as hugging, fondling, disrobing, kissing, and oral sex. Everything that takes you to sex, including sexual tension and romance that can take hours before sex, can take place in this process. It is argued that foreplay that women need more and that men often perceive as a duty in a very wrong way must be in a healthy sexual life.
The importance of foreplay was evaluated as biological and psychological perspectives. From a biological point of view, it is especially important for a woman to be involved in foreplay. Because, foreplay increases stimulation, so it causes erection of the clitoris.The clitoris works similar to that of the penis. The flow of blood into the clitoris causes an erection that is necessary for an orgasm. The foreplay also reveals vaginal wetness that makes progressing penetration sex easy and painless for both men and women. The lack of vaginal wetness causes sexual intercourse to be quite painful and sometimes causes some bleeding. Actually foreplay is equally important for both sexes. According to the researches, men and women reported that they had better orgasms when there was more sexual arousal.

From a psychological point of view, foreplay exceeds the sense of security and causes less fragility. Lack of foreplay gives a seemingly neglected feeling and rejects the emotional assurance that most people need. According to the researches, foreplay improves the relationship of the couple outside the bedroom. Because, it helps to increase the feeling of foreplay, togetherness is important in long-term relationships. Foreplay is also important for your partner to feel that you care and in providing psychological confidence.

In addition, it is necessary to take mutual pleasure from sexual action, and therefore, both spouses should be paid attention to the need for a satisfactory experience. Foreplay is important for women who do not reach orgasm, especially with penetrating sex.

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