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Many parents have anxieties about addiction to video games, but some may now have a new quarrel for limiting their children’s ‘screen time’. Because gaming addiction has been recognized by World Health Organization as a mental health disorder. In addition to this psychological effect, gaming addiction comes with health problems and it can limit academic process.
Psychological Effects

First effect of gaming addiction is psychological effect. It can create psychological stress. Gamers may suffer from low self-respect, have social anxieties, or even suffer from depression. Most of the online communities around online games are destructive and exclusionary which can lead to poor social skills if mirrored. Kids who play video games more than two hours a day were more likely to develop attention problems in class, as stated by a study published in Pediatrics magazine. A gaming addict will usually demonstrate preoccupied behavior when away from their gaming console. They may seem disinterested, distracted or irritable.

Too Much Gaming Corrupts Your Medical Condition

Next one is that too much gaming corrupts your medical condition. Gamers must be aware about the amount of time especially kids play too much. Physical activities, exercise, and personal hygiene are all important components of good health. The experts on mental health and substance abuse said some of the worst cases seen in international research were of gamers playing for up to 20 hours a day, forgoing sleep, meals, or school and other daily activities. Playing games extensively can cause real health problems to your children; you may not be aware of now! Eye strain and digital thumb resulting from concentrating on a small screen and small buttons are just some of them. Moreover, sometimes playing games on mobiles can become addictive like drugs.

Your Grades Stay Low If You Continue This Habit

Another bad side of gamin addiction is that this illness makes your grades stay low. Video games can ruin the decision-making process, and can also deteriorate their grades. Kids and college students who use their leisure time to play video games can struggle to retain their grades up. Gamers might postpone on their studying, rush through their study, or simply ignore a deadline for playing their beloved game. A gaming fanatic will lose track of time fully. They may sit down with the intention of only spending 15 minutes playing, and will get up eight hours later not realizing how much time has passed. Simply being interested in and playing video games (as most children and teen do) does appear to negatively effect on their school performance.

In conclusion, gaming addiction affects people’s phycological condition, health state and academic success. It also addictive and people feel themselves terrible, nervous, tense when they do not have access to games. It alters your psychology. Finally, I invite you to think about it and get some help from professionals.

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