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While the woman is giving birth to a baby, she really suffers from high-level pains. In Fact, many women are stressed in the last months of pregnancy because they think that they cannot withstand these pains, and many of them want their doctors to have a cesarean. It is true that epidural anesthesia is not to be felt, but if there is no obstacle to the normal nature of the birth, doctors will never offer cesarean birth or make the decision entirely.

We said that when the women are in the time of giving birth to a baby, they fell lots of stress.  Unfortunately, many men cannot understand this situation or understand enough! The woman who already has hormone complications during pregnancy requires to be supported by her husband and understand her pain. But this is not a condition that can be known without feeling pain. Birth pains differ for each woman. Some women feel less pain, and some are much more affected.
Here's the question! How does a man feel about labor? The technology that could make a man feel labor is already in use. Man can experience the same pain as well. A medical center in England has begun to use this application. Man can feel 1 hour of childbirth pain with electrodes applied to his body, with an hourly 25 pounds. This system uses the level of childbirth and labor pains as the woman’s labor pains. Another example is from Spain. Michael Richardson, who is living the island of Gran Canaria, wanted to demonstrate his wife that labor pains were not too much to be overthrown. He was voluntarily taken to the maternity ward to experience the pain. The electrode system used as in the example of England, to him and he began to cry saying ‘save me’ in the first minutes of the pains given to him.

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