Positive and negative aspects of drinking beer

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Beer is a pleasure drink that contains starchy foods such as barley and corn. It is produced by mixing starchy foods with water and after fermenting with brewer's yeast. Beer is especially consumed on special evenings to increase the pleasure of the person. This substance is which gives pleasure has positive and negative effects.


Positive Effects Of Beer

Since beer is a pleasurable substance, it generally remain in the forefront of its negative effects but also has positive effects. Academic articles confirmed this.

• Drinking beer strengthens human bones.

Even though most people find it difficult to believe, drinking beer strengthens the bones. An article published in the International Journal of Endocrinology claimed that a small amount of consumed beer had a positive effect on bone health.

• Beer Is An Inflammation Remover.

Although it is a situation that will surprise people, the beer removes inflammations from the body. Because it contains hops. Hops have been used as antibacterial from past to present and have been used in the solution of many diseases. The hops contained in the beer interact with the inflammatory substances and destroy the effect of these substances. So the beer is actually some sort of inflammation.

• The hops inside the beer prevent men from becoming prostate cancer.
• Controlled drink of beer strengthens the heart.
• Drinking beer prevents the formation of kidney stones.
• Drinking beer accelerates digestion because it causes gastric acid secretion.
• Regular and controlled drink of beer reducing the risk of contracting diseases such as alzheimer.

Negative Effects Of Beer

As the beer calorie value is a very high drink, it causes excess weight if consumed too much.

Beer negatively affects the function of glycogen in the liver to convert into glucose. Therefore, it lowers blood sugar.

Drinking beer causes frequent urination and therefore dehydration.

Life is a risk for people with celiac disease. Therefore, especially people with celiac disease should stay away.

It lowers blood pressure, causes acid reflux.

People who drink beer get drunk. Therefore, it causes traffic accidents and negatively affects family relations.

Causes gastric cancer and stomach burns.

Gives a sense of deceptive strength. One feels more powerful than himself, and enters meaningless conflicts.

The next day causes the patient to wake up. People may feel things like nausea, headaches, dizziness.




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I think you described well on your article about the positive and negative aspects of drinking beer. I think that it is the same situation for all beverages. You must not drink any alcohol if you have got any illness or allergy. This will affect you badly, it is as simple as that.

If you haven't got any problem drinking alcohol, you must know your limits well. Drinking wine or beer one or twice a week is advising by the doctors also. But, not a bottle of course.

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