What is Momo? Momo is a game spreading over WhatsApp and directing children to violence and suicide. This game is specifically aimed at diverting children towards their bad wishes. Everything started in a Spanish-speaking country when someone take a photo of an interesting statue on Instagram. Then this person opened a WhatsApp user account using it. A group of people on Facebook began to send Momo and other horrific pictures to many numbers. This horrific Momo photograph used belongs to the sculpture of the Bird Woman in an exhibition in Japan. Since the interest in bird sculpture in the 2016 exhibition was great, many people took photos with this sculpture and shared them on Instagram. Momo then continued to spread rapidly in social media. A bad surprise was waiting for the users who responded to the messages from Momo. Violent photos were sent to these people. Also, many people's personal information was stolen due to these messages. Whatsapp Girl Momo which continues to disseminate via WhatsApp and Facebook, in particular, continues to threaten the children and divert them to violence and suicide. The most accurate information about Momo; this game is associated with 3 different numbers with Colombia (+52), Mexico (+57) and Japan (+81) phone codes.
Dangers Waiting For You And Your Children In Momo Game

* Children cannot distinguish between reality and fiction. Momo's eyes are swollen, he has a grinning face, and his peculiar look makes him believe that he is real. So the kids believe that Momo's commands come from a real person. This game that drives children to suicide is a big disaster.

* Your personal information can be easily stolen, moreover you can be cheated by threats and blackmail.

* The participants of the game show signs of depression and anxiety.

* Momo threatens users to make commands. He wakes people up at night or forces them to do strange activities under the pretext of defeating their fears. Momo asks children to record a video these activities. If Momo manages to do so, he leads the children to the end of suicide. 

Families must never remain insensitive to this danger. He should always check on their kids.


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