People who have long-term relationships are much more pleasant and have a good time in bed. Do not allow your sexual life to continue unstable and stagnant. Here are enticing tactics to revive your sexual life!

1. Invite Sex With Your Glance
The impressive glance during sex makes a great contribution to sexual intercourse and orgasm. Keep looking into your partner's eyes before and during sex.

2. Enticing Voice Breaths and Screams

Men and women during the sex deep breathing and screaming throws the other side crazy. This woman seduces the man by putting his own finger in his mouth and sucking on his own lip. Also, this movement calls the man, vaginal or oral sex.

3. Take Your Naked Photo
Take your sexy photo in front of the mirror in sexy lingerie and send it to your partner. You can be sure that he will come running.

4. Try Quick Sex
Even if you are very busy, you should also take time for sex. Fast and hot sex between busy work will make you quite happy. For example, how about taking a flower at lunch break and having a surprise erotic moments with your partner?

5. Go Shopping For Your Sex Life
Go to a store selling sexy lingerie and buy seductive lace G-string, garter and night dress. Then take a variety of condoms from a grocery store and go home without lingering and make a fabulous sex party.

6. Read Romantic Text or Poems in Bed
You can read the romantic texts or poems that talk about sex with pleasant aromatic candles and provoke your partner. Read them and start caressing and making a massage her body with soft touches. Bed creak is proof that sexy minutes have begun.

7. Whisper Your Fantasies To Your Partner's Ear

Touch your partner's sexual organ and whisper your erotic fantasies silently. You will see that your partner responds at a time. While making love, you can tell each other fantasies like maid, secretary, hostess, pilot and even sex with neighbor.

8. Try Different Positions
One of the important clues that revitalize your sex life is to have sex in different places and in different positions. What about getting out of the bathroom in a bathrobe and sit on your partner's lap? Well, did you try on the washing machine in the bathroom, on the working chair or on the table, in your car and even standing sex?

9. Hug Your Partner with Naked Body
Hugging with naked body increases orgasm. For example, while the penis of a man is in the woman's vagina, it is a wonderful pleasure to have the couples hugged together naked for a long time. In addition, women have great pleasure in caressing their chests and hips while making love.

10. Don't Forget To Say "I Love You" After Sex

After each intercourse, you must say "Thank you for these nice erotic moments" This will be the key to the next eroticism.

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