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Acne, literally known acne vulgaris or common acne, is a kind of disease of the hair follicles of the chest, face, legs. Bacteria cause the development of acne but not the cause of acne itself. In fact, no one factor causes this disease. There are many kinds of acne such as Whiteheads, Blackheads, Papules, Pustules, Nodules, Acne Conglobata and Cysts.
Whiteheads: These are the kind of acne which have white tops. It is the composition of dead cells and sebum which means excess skin oil.

Blackheads: Tiny acne which has black tops. It is literally known as comedones. Whiteheads are closed acne, but blackheads are the open type of acne. This acne is in black color because follicles are oxidized.

Papules: This looks like whiteheads but beyond whiteheads it has inflammations. They are red in color. It has to be soothed and calm and avoid drying.

Pustules: They are nearly the same as papules but have got pus. They are bigger than papules and touching them is painful. Because of this, they called "angry acne".

Here're some causes of acne;

Heredity: If your family has acne, you will probably have.

Pressure: Helmets, chinstraps, collars can irritate the skin cause acne.

Drugs: Steroids oral taken or injection, bodybuilder steroids, lithium.

Occupations: Dealing all day with industrial products may cause acne.

Cosmetics: Water-based ones should be used if you have acne.

Getting Rid of Acne

Making lifestyle regular is hard to make but has to be made. Trying to sleep at least eight hours, eating healthy three meals, and drinking water needed by your body is classically the ways of getting rid of acne.

People who have acne should occasionally visit an esthetician.

Using antibacterial cleansers can reduce acne.

Retinol can be good for acne, but your doctor should control this.

Mild cleansers can reduce acne and soften them.

Tropical Medications, which has to be given by your doctor, are good for healing acne. Retinoids and retinoid like drugs, antibiotics, Salicylic acid, azelaic acid, dapsone are examples of tropical medicines has to be given by your doctor.

Oral Medications like antibiotics again has to be given by your doctor and be used under the control of your doctor.

Therapies can be suggested for acne such as Lasers, Chemical peeling, extraction of white and blackheads, Steroid injection.

Important Note: All the drugs or therapies should be given or advised by your doctor. It is so important that you must not decide the treatment method yourself for acne. All types of acne related to skin and skin differ from person to person. That’s why treatments are specially designed for a person not the same for all people. 

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