Nature-friendly products, all over life. Here are extremely simple and natural ways to clean your house!
When you walk in the corridor of a supermarket, the shelves are packed with strong, fragrant and user-friendly household cleaning products.
The toxicity and flammable nature of the product is obvious. Although some products are dangerous in direct contact with the skin, air-tight containers have several spray substances filled with CFC gases. The use of such chemicals increases the risk of intoxication and toxicity. These chemicals have indoor air pollution, a health problem in infants and adults. Therefore, the answer to the question of why we should use natural cleaning products is clear.

Citric acid

There is nothing that can overcome the fresh and pleasant smell of citric acid. The smell of citric acid is generally associated with cleaning and purification. Commonly used in cleaning products in combination with chemicals. Lemon and orange are some common scents. Lemon is known for its antiseptic properties and is used to clean floors, washable floors and kitchen utensils. It is effective in polishing aluminum, brass and copper. However, you should avoid using lemons directly on marble and granite surfaces.


Water and vinegar are useful in removing dust and dirt. Concentrated vinegar can be selected to clean at home and remove difficult points. Vinegar and water can be used to clean and polish mirrors and windows. The smell of vinegar may irritate some people. However, vinegar rapidly tends to evaporate, so the odor also goes quickly. So you don't have to worry about the smell of vinegar.

Vinegar recipe for cleaning; Mix 5 tablespoons vinegar with half a liter of water. Mix well and pour into a spray bottle. Use the spray in 2 days as the vinegar will be steam. Store in a cool place.

Baking powder

Carbonate is not only a basic cooking agent but also an effective cleaning and deodorizing agent. Make small sacs from old handkerchiefs. Fill the powder with these bags. Carefully attach these bags to the cupboards and the refrigerator. Baking powder has a unique odor absorption feature. This way you can get rid of the bad smells in the house. You can use baking soda to clean the floor, toilet and countertops. Baking powder can also be used as water softener.

Tea Tree or Lavender Oil

Tea tree oil and lavender oil can be used as an antiseptic place cleaning agent when mixed with water.

Tooth paste

If you think that toothpaste is only used to clean your teeth, think again. You can also use toothpaste to shine your silverware. Moisten the silver and gently rub the toothpaste over the entire surface. You will see that the silveries begin to shine instantly.

Shrub Sweeper

Vacuum cleaners are always easier, but you can use traditional shrub brooms to clean gardens, windows, balconies and verandas. It may sound a bit primitive but is quite environmentally friendly.

Old dusters

Forget rubber and synthetic dust cloth. Use your old clothes to clean your furniture. So you can save money as well as an environmentally friendly movement.

Home Plants

Place some indoor plants in your home because it is known to absorb harmful gases in the air and produce fresh oxygen.
You can place these plants in common sitting areas, such as a living room.
Plants secrete carbon monoxide at night, so place them in the living room. Avoid placing it in your bedroom.


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