Women are delicate. Sometimes they can have an orgasm when riding a bicycle, sometimes doing yoga and sometimes exercising!

During yoga
20% of exercise-induced orgasms occur during yoga, according to research by Indiana University.

During abdominal exercises
Women often reach orgasm while doing abdominal exercises. About 15% of women experience orgasm with physical exercises.

Motorcycle riding
The motorcycles have strong motor vibrations and some women say they have orgasms. Kind of a vibrator :D

See erotic dreams or think about sexual fantasies
Some women can only have imaginary fantasies as intense as those of orgasms. This is possible when you are asleep, awake, or an erotic dream.

During the massage
Some women may have an orgasm during massage. Massage to the back or lower part of the body may have orgasm.

Horse riding
They say they're orgasms while riding. While the horse is moving, women can enjoy the vibrations.

While riding a bike
According to a study conducted by Indiana University in 2012, about 15% of such orgasms occur while cycling.

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