Mostly, the bad effects of drinking beer are related to the number of beers consists of alcohol. A bottle of beer contains little nutrition, but it contains high calories. The beer has approximately 200 calories, the light beer has 100.


The liver makes acetate from the alcohol in a beer. The body burns the acetate instead of burning the fat stored, especially on the belly. Drinking beer can cause weight gaining because it affects blood sugar. Blood sugar drops and the brain thinks the body is hungry. The beer, in fact, means malted barley which contains gluten. Some of the people might be sensitive to gluten which is the reason for celiac disease. Drinking beer might cause throat problems.

Heavy and frequent beer drinking makes certain kinds of abdominal obesity in men and beer contents can cause gastric acid and may affect gastroesophageal reflux. Daily beer drinking in a lot of amounts increases blood pressure which causes intoxication and dehydration. Alcohol is a dehydrating agent and downer that reduces the activity of the central nervous system. Even small amounts of alcohol in beer can have negative effects on attention and motor skills if the person has not high tolerance to alcohol.

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I love beer. I don't drink too much, so I don't get hurt.
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